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The  process will begin that aims to re-envision your relationship.
Consider one thing  that’s required for a relationships to flourish… 

“I understand that talking about sex can be difficult and feel uncomfortable. Most people mention they feel nervous or uncertain about sex therapy/coaching altogether. To help lift some of these feelings, I offer the opportunity for you to decide whether my services are a good fit. If not, I’d be glad to provide you with appropriate referrals. SIGN UP NOW

One-to-One Session


 One-on-one sessions to identify your needs and goals for a thriving sex life, and setting a manageable plan to get there.  Why wait until there’s a problem before you decide to see a professional?  More people are booking “check-up” sessions to “check-in” with their relationship health. These informative sessions and are designed to unveil greater insight and to broaden ways to be even more connected. 

In a coaching session, together we will…
  • Determine goals and changes you wish to achieve
  • Explore new ways of thinking and doing things differently to achieve your goals
  • Develop a realistic plan that is attainable, measurable and specific with target dates
  • Identify your vulnerabilities, strengths and level of commitment
  • Make adjustments as warranted to achieve your goal

Couples Session

What Rejuvenating your relationship looks like.

 For married couples or those in a long-term committed relationship, and LGBTQ. Studies have shown that the couples would finally seek help after 6+ years of enduring issues within their relationship. Change is possible where countless of couples have rekindled their intimacy towards each other.  In this session  the  process will begin that aims to re-envision your relationship, and address  common relationship concerns include:   An Affair ~ How to know when? being in an affair,  and forgiveness .

*Low to no desire / orgasm issues / erectile issues 
*Performance anxiety
*Lack of intimacy,
*Trust and rebuilding trust
*Not knowing how to discuss sex, wants and desires
*Guessing what the partner needs, wants and desires
*Pornography is interfering in the relationship.  



All My Workshops are tailored to your specific needs.  Workshops are appropriate for high school, colleges, corporate offices, organizations,

Woman’s Day Retreats, Marriage Retreats. 

Some desired Topics:


 * Health and Relationship 

               * Consensual Touch/Sex            


Host A Sex Ed Class


  Opening up the relationship to a different dynamic.            

Fun, informative, fabulous in-home classes with your friends on topics like Fellatio 101, Female Orgasm 101, and Sex Positions 101. Request at:   

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 • Newly weds  • Couples who’ve grown sexually bored and frustrated with each other  • People with low sex drives or discrepant sex drives  • Those who experience painful sex  • Those who experience anorgasmia  • Those who have health issues that interfere  • Couples in sexless relationships  • People who have an aversion to touching  • People with unresolved rape or molestation issues • People with sexual artform issues  • Those with an inability to negotiate sexually  • Those with body image issues  • People who are feeling low about not having an orgasm during certain situations, or at all  • Those who are having trouble negotiating aging issues – and how that effects sex and sexuality.  * Finally people who’s experiencing Infidelity, married/ or in a relationship. 

Display their FAQs

  Q.  Are you a Therapist?

A.  No, I am not a therapist and there will be certain issues that are beyond my scope, and I will refer out.

Q.  Is my information shared?

A.  Never, All information that my clients share shall remain confidential.

Q.  I’m in a relationship, should my partner attend with me.

A.  No, not necessarily, but if you want the Best result in dealing with your relationship, then Yes.